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I remember being little and the term "Breaking out the China" actually meant something nice. Getting the best plates and silverware you had for a Holiday meal or special occasion.
Then by the 4th or 5th grade I saw our family business crumble. We were grocery, candy, and tobacco wholesaler to a small Tri-state area of southern Michigan and Northern Ohio & Indiana. All those small family owned grocery stores we supplied to slowly closed their doors one by one as Wal-Mart's started popping up all over the Country. As they succumbed so did we as one of their suppliers.
Middle American Family Owned Businesses were slowly destroyed and replaced with the Big Box stores and cheaper goods.
But we were sold a horrible lie. China basically enslaved their people into labor to produce these goods. As their power grew and American forever changed they became emboldened enough to just start outright stealing and copying American tech and goods and pumping out their knockoffs.
A China once known for the finest things was now a purveyor of junk.
And Americans either blinded by greed or just outright bought the lies we were sold allowed it.
We saw this continue only to get worse and worse over the years. All while Politicians lined their pockets from all the American jobs being shipped overseas.
But prices continued to rise anyways and so did corporate profits, while we were left with our dollars stretching less and less and junk was all we could find or most afford.
Then an outsider came along and said enough is enough and finally stood up for us and put Americans First. We saw jobs roll back in as American manufacturing fired by up with the tax incentives and reduced regulations.
The corporate media and Politicians from both sides did everything in their power to impede his progress. And ours. Now we've just sit back and witnessed China and other foreign nations collude with our own corrupt leaders to steal our Presidency.
The Virus they unleashed was weaponized by the Media to hurt Trump's image and destroy our American first progress. Now that the steal is complete. We see Democratic leaders demanding it's time to open back up. We see a fraud of a President ruling like a Chinese Dictator and unrolling all the progress we made. We see him allow China to come in and have a stake in our power grid.

How do we just sit here and allow this to happen?

The days of breaking out the fine China are long gone. Maybe it's time to break out and fine China...


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