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Drip, Drip, Drip Email Method to your Official

Use "Just one simple question" for each email

Questions like:
1. What is the legal definition of a local health emergency?

2. When is this local health emergency set to expire?

3. What is your governing authority in overseeing these health

4. Where is the reputable medical science and evidence that
supports healthy people wearing masks?

5. Why are you breaking state, federal and local laws by allowing
the continuance of this local health emergency, which violated state

6. What evidence (as required by state law) have the health
officers submitted to you that supports their orders?

7. Would you share with me the actual science (not links to the
CDC or State Health Board) you have received regarding the
efficacy of healthy people wearing masks?

8. Why are you breaking the law by allowing a local health
emergency to continue when there are no grounds to do so?

9. Would you explain how my religious beliefs protect me (or not)
from having to wear a mask?

10. Can you tell me why you support my being harassed in places
of business, when our state civil code protects me from
discrimination based on my medical condition, and allows for my
"free and equal" access to all business establishments of any kind,

11. [For the city councils or board of supervisors]: Why have you
given away your authority by allowing the health officers to defy
your requests for information?

12. Why do you continue to put the electorate at extreme peril of
health risks, as testified by countless licensed
physicians, associated with wearing masks?

13. Are you prepared for legal action (and the costs associated with
it ) for your unlawful actions by not terminating the local health
emergency, as required by law?

14. Why do you condone discrimination against those with medical
conditions, who cannot hear people who are wearing a mask?

15. Why do you condone and support the masking of the public,
going against all evidence presented to you by competent medical
doctors and mental health professionals, who testify of the
psychological and physical trauma this masks create?

16. How much money is your body/agency receiving from the state
and federal government in emergency aid?

17. When and where do you personally wear a mask, and is it a
sterile and hygienic mask that is kept clean and disposed of
between each interaction, and put on and removed after washing
your hands, according to CDC guidelines?

18. Are you prepared to face legal action and criminal charges for
being an accessory to intimidation and assault by promoting
the documented health-harming results of wearing a mask?
... and many others that you may have!

IMPORTANT: Don't send all the questions at once!!
That defeats the "Drip, drip, drip method!"
Instead, send a separate email containing just ONE of these questions to each key person each day!

You can send 4-5 emails a day to each person, but make sure each question is in a separate email. That way, they will hear from you in SEVERAL emails, with separate topics, every single day.

The reason this works is because:
- they only have to read ONE question
- it's easier to answer one question
- they might forward the email to another person who could answer it
- they'll hear from you more frequently, and that's hard to ignore!
Copy and paste away!

Who should you email?
-- Your county board of supervisors and/or City Council (whoever oversees your local health board)
-- State health officers
-- Local health officers
-- Education board and school districts

You can do an internet search to find these names and emails in your area.
And, please send your "one question email" ideas to me so I can share them with our Healthy Americans!

You see, questions demand to be answered.
We've already sent loads and loads of information to these officials regarding laws, medical evidence, scientific evidence, etc. They already know that these mask mandates (and forced physical separation) are the exact wrong approach to take.
Instead, we'll ask THEM for the information, and let's see what happens.

Are you with me on this?
I made a video where I explain my "drip, drip, drip method" to bombard these officials with info they cannot ignore. (info starts on the video about 13:55)

YOU are essential to this fight!

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