Project Veritas – Help Expose Voter Fraud

Project Veritas – Help Expose Voter Fraud

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Over the last two weeks Project Veritas has received well over 15,000 tips relating to Election and Voter Fraud.

Our recent whistleblower bombshells exposing the USPS #BackDateGate have the President of the United States’ attention and more postal workers coming forward to tell us what they saw.

One thing is clear: the fraud was happening everywhere, and there is a lot of it that still needs exposed.

That is why I am reaching out to the Veritas Army right now to step up and help send our team into overdrive. 

I want you to rest assured knowing that Project Veritas has the best journalists in the country tracking down these important stories and exposing Election Fraud 24/7.

But I need your continued support to help keep them well equipped and working around the clock in the field.

Our largest supporters have even pledged to QUADRUPLE all donations made before 11:59pm tonight!

That’s right, 4x your impact if you donate right now!

$25 = $100 

$50 = $200

$100 = $400

$250 = $1,000 

Remember, your donations are entirely tax-deductible and directly support our ability to get our next explosive Voter Fraud story.

Our Republic and the integrity of our Elections are at stake and I will not stop until the fraud is exposed and Americans are given answers as to where and how it happened.


In Veritas,

James O’Keefe

P.S. Signing up for a small monthly donation is an easy way to continually support our mission!



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