It has been said History repeats itself.

It has been said History repeats itself.

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Through the course of said history, there have been strong men, and there have been week men. In trying times the weak retreat into their cavernous pit of shame and self-pity, while the strong surge forward with the wind of freedom underneath their wings. In the frigid grip of December 25 1776, a boat full of the strong surged across the Delaware, the fate of a new, free country following close behind.

Cinematically memorable moments like this seem all but long gone, despite the constant struggle for freedom in modern western society. But why? Why do we look to the past as though any struggle for freedom, any quest for liberty, any search for justice, would look any less impressive as they once were?

One theory is that due to living in an established, civilized society, it is not practical to stand in the middle of a wooden row boat and iconically cross a river on Christmas morning. Another theory is that we are not surging through bodies in a physical bloodbath, but rather through the multiple lines of code that exist between the tweets and the retweets of an Information war. What does it look like to surge across the frigid river of information known as Twitter? It looks like this:

On the morning of Jan 8 2021, a trove of digital soldiers followed their leader, Donald J Trump, deep into the fog of war. As the crew of 88 million crossed the information stream, they started taking fire. Landing in enemy territory, the brave soldiers, on the heels of their brave leader, surged forward through the storm of misinformation. A barrage of tweets calling the soldiers seditious, treasonous, and in the case of the oppositions leadership, Domestic Terrorists. Other leaders of the opposition called for the stripping of their leaders power. The attacks were relentless.

Through the day, attacks started reigning in from the digital soldiers common enemy, the enemy that had first sought to destroy their leader and rewrite history as it was happening. The enemy that united the soldiers with their Commander in Chief in the first place. The Mainstream Media. Media called for President Trump to be banned from social media, throwing baseless claims of inciting violence, excusing domestic terrorism, and encouraging treasonous ideals. Attacks that while bold, were fought off with logic, common sense, and the truth. But nonetheless, top generals of the opposition; Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon began their attack.

Starting with the Commander in Chief, President Donald J. Trump, The Big Tech Division of the opposition began their assault. They hit him from every which way. Stripping the Leader of the free world of his voice. First Twitter, then Facebook and Instagram. The deranged opposition leaders landed massive blows to the Freedom Fighters. Once the leader was finally silenced throughout media, battle lines were drawn, sides were chosen, and the opposition officially declared war on the Free People of America. Moving their attacks from the President of a once Great Nation, the leaders started attacking the digital soldiers, one by one picking them off. Starting with the generals, Flynn, Powell, Wood. Then Major Patriot, VK, Inevitable. Now it is up to us, those who have prepared for this moment, we have been fighting from the back, and now in this moment, we have have been moved to the front lines. We are holding the line for freedoms sake.

My fellow patriots, I write to you as I extend calls for prayer. We are in a real war right now. There is no bloodshed, but freedoms are slipping away. Overreach is happening unchecked by those in power. We need to stand up and fight back. Where we go one, we go all.

Thomas Pain

“When America falls, The world falls with it”

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