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Don't be Silent ... DOGOOD

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Don’t be Silent. Do Good.

54 years before the dawn of the United States for America is when one of our most inspirational founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin was first published. And, although his older brother owned the printing press, the teenager was continually denied his attempts at getting his writings printed.  Until the day he crafted the clever idea to create the persona of a middle-aged widow named Silence Dogood. Thus becoming the first Notable Anon of the Colonies. 14 letters he had published before his identity was discovered. This angered his brother & mentor, so Ben left his apprenticeship escaping to Philadelphia where he would go on to play his role in the foundation of the United States for America.

Within these Silence Dogood Letters the young Franklin left some witty descriptions of aspects about life within the colonies.  I wonder if they were written today, would he be trading in talks of hoop petticoats for that of booty implants and yoga pants? And although the times and attire have changed, the temper for change and revolution from tyranny could not be anymore like today, then it was at the time of our Declaration of Independence.  Within these writings this young anon left a spark that lit a flame.  Over time with additional works and other Patriots rising up, that fire grew to light the torch of Liberty & Freedom that carried us through the Great American Revolution.

"Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech; which is the Right of every Man, as far as by it, he does not hurt or control the Right of another: And this is the only Check it ought to suffer, and the only Bounds it ought to know.”

"This sacred Privilege is so essential to free Governments, that the Security of Property, and the Freedom of Speech always go together; and in those wretched Countries where a Man cannot call his Tongue his own, he can scarce call any Thing else his own. Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech; a Thing terrible to Public Traitors.”

To think that almost 300 years ago the rights of Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Speech were recognized as essential to Free Governments. And today these rights are under such a massive, coordinated attack that the Liberty of our nation has almost been almost entirely stripped away. Other nations around the world face the same tyranny and they are paying remarkably close attention to what happens here in the States.  And, if America falls, the world falls with it.  Many of the levers of control, and families our founding fathers were fighting for freedom from have crept back into this country. Infiltrating not just every facet of our Government, but successful in spreading their webs throughout Mainstream Media, Corporate America, Hollywood and Big Tech… … …

To some, the above statement may sound conspiratorial.  To that, I’d reply you would have to be blind to believe the Establishment is not corrupt. Condemnation without investigation is proof of indoctrination. So my condolences if you’re unable to wrap your head around the fact that there is a Deep State[Cabal] that had been gaining more & more control, and implementing more & more of their twisted plans over the last 100 +++ years.  Stay with me if you at least have 1 micron of inquisitiveness and question if it is possible that the mainstream media could be complicit in covering for something or use certain tactics to drive a narrative.  And if you have noticed big-tech and social media companies silencing Conservatives and hiding the Truth, then you may just have at least 3 microns of inquisitiveness and can take your mask off now. They don’t work, and you have found a friendly establishment.

To blindly accept the narrative the media continues to push is a dangerous position to take with tremendous amount of evidence of coordination and disinformation that is readily available.  There is very little I have learned over the years that I hold with absolute trust and certainty.  The concept that resonates truest to me is, that I Know Nothing.  Therefore, I keep a passion for continually learning. And, the other truth I hold self-evident is, They Lie.  If the concept of being lied to in order to influence the way you think or feel is new to you or unacceptable, that is perfectly normal.  The system is set up to keep you so distracted and busy just to provide for your family, they don’t want you to be informed.  If you can manage to make an attempt at keeping up, it is their goal is to keep us distracted and divided so we don’t see what it is they are really up to.

The last 4 years the media's disinformation campaign has taken on an entirely new level of corruption.  They have let us down. They have failed us. They have manipulated the minds and hearts of our countrymen.  And what they have done in 2020 will be considered one of the greatest crimes on humanity when future generations study about the events of the last few years.

We are here to expose them. We Are The News Now.

So join me in raising up our voices and taking out your pens.

For God & Country.



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