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I’m hoping you are the kind of person who would swim toward a great white shark to save a friend, somebody like Julian Wilson going after Nick Fanning. Wasn’t that incredible? He sees a five foot fin on this killing machine and immediately swims straight toward it, without hesitating. That’s the kind of friends we need to be.

I’m not asking you to swim toward a great white shark, but I am asking you to share our videos, articles and web site, including this post, with people you know who could use the best personal protection device ever made and ask them to share it.

There is a reason we are asking. We introduced our latest, greatest product in late 2015. It was voted to be one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Products in the world by Bluetooth. I was invited to a big media event in New York, then to be a featured speaker at the Internet of Things World Conference at Levis Stadium, all because of this very special little device.

We had been on Facebook for several years with other TigerLight products, so after all the excitement and several major television news stations featuring the D.A.D. as the Future of Self Defense and top safety experts from coast to coast stating emphatically that it is the best personal safety device available, we put together a video and posted it on Facebook. It got a lot of response so upon Facebooks suggestion, we boosted it, thereby turning it into an ad. 

We quickly got 6 million views and over two thousand, lengthy, passional comments. I received a call out of the blue from Facebooks top account executive, the person handling the largest accounts in Facebook, or so he said. I had not reason to doubt him. He said he wanted to congratulate us for having the most highly engaged ad on all of Facebook, worldwide and just wanted to talk about our success. We were getting a 10 to 1 return on our ad spend, so we were happy.

Then, a few days later, they took the same ad down. We were shocked. This same process of us creating an ad campaign, submitting it for approval, receiving approval, posting the ad, getting the ad suddenly taken down, appealing the decision to take down the ad, then having the decision reversed, then putting the ad back up, then having it taken down again repeated it self 24 times over the next three years. Toward the end of 2018, they cancelled our ad account on Facebook. Google would not let us run ads and Amazon shut us down the entire third quarter of 2018 for reasons they could not explain. 

Our sales dropped over 90% while the product was saving lives. In fact for 20 years it has done nothing but save lives, prevent injuries and stop bad people from doing really bad things without ever causing injury, death or even excessive force claims.

In fact, earlier TigerLights, when put to the test by a major law enforcement agency, the TigerLight not only reduced the level of force, dramatically, it miraculously reduced the use of any force by 30%, including that of the TigerLight, while arrest activity increased by 11%. It did this while stopping 96% of violent subjects without the use of any additional force whatsoever. These are nearly miraculous results. No other device has even come close, but there are people who do not want to see us succeed.

If we had not fought as hard as we have, there would be good people, including one of my own daughters, who may not be alive today, or would have suffered in unknown ways. This is a product that is exceptionally effective and does nothing but good.

The more people who have it, the safer everyone will be, especially when everyone has crowd alert in the palm of their hand. So, if you are a person like Julian Wilson, or a person who likes to see good prevail, then please forward this and tell your friends about it. In fact, please tell everyone you can about it.

If you are a person with a lot of influence, please use it to do this good thing. I’ve worked the last two years for almost nothing. In spite of that, we have continued to make significant improvements to the device and to the app. If any of you have access to channels of distribution we may not be aware of, please feel free to contact me at or [email protected] or 435-671-3331.



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