There's Only One News Story, Repeating Over And Over Again

There's Only One News Story, Repeating Over And Over Again

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone, Doing daily commentary on world power dynamics feels a lot like staring up at the sky watching clouds. Some

Japan Supercomputer Finds Double-Masking Doesn't Work

Many Americans are asking themselves: Is double making offering more protection against COVID-19 than a single mask?  To answer that

As Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling To It More Desperately Than Ever

Authored by Glenn Greenwald via, Twice in the last six weeks, warnings were issued about imminent, grave threats to

Rampant Shoplifting Forces Ten Bay Area Walgreens To Close 

The effects of the virus pandemic and socio-economic implosion that followed compounded with failed liberal leadership could soon transfor

The Myths Of Green Energy

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via The Daily Reckoning, Finance is often cloaked in arcane terminology and math, but the one dynamic that



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Ep 2420b – Defcon 1, Fire & Fury, We Are Fighting For You, Message Received


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 The [DS]/MSM are confused, they don’t know what the patriots are doing, they believed they could force riots, this failed again. Trump and the patriots are playing the long game, they are not going to attack, they won’t need to, the plan is to have the [DS] destroy themselves with their policies. Trump is now setting the stage, the [DS] doesn’t know when Trump is going to make his move. MP sends a message, we are fighting for you.

Ep 2420a – Trump Was Right About The Economy, [JB] Answers To The [WEF]


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States are now opening up and the number of cases is dropping dramatically. Some did say that the it would start to go away by April. Since states are allowing businesses to open up the economy is now bouncing back at lightning speed. [JB] is not in charge of the economy, he is taking orders from the [WEF].

Manhattan Office Rents Plunge To Lowest Since 2018 Amid Record Supply Glut

Whether “working from home” is a temporary fad or a permanent “new normal” remains to be seen, but for New York

Baltimore Student Who Failed All But Three Classes In Four Years Was Ranked In Top Half Of His Class

Authored by Jonathan Turley, As teacher unions fight to keep schools closed, the true cost is being felt by students who are racking