Misprints on Ballots in Georgia

Misprints on Ballots in Georgia

Graphic Design and Printing Expert gives detailed description of some errors that should of never happened.

Contact Your Representative and Demand Election Integrity

FYI Election Info For your convenience: -List of US Congressional GOP Contacts https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R-Eh0aSX4Obi8ItpDWIlTW-

Kraken needs help

Help release the Kraken in Georgia.

Wakefield Woodworks

Wooden Flags. Built from bare hands, just like our nation

We truly live in historic times, both in America and across the globe. We are awakening once again to our innate pride in showing our love for our nation. Nothing speaks louder than the American Flag, the Stars and Bars, Old Glory. It is a symbol steeped in history, opportunity, and the universal ideal of freedom and hard work. The flag silently calls on us to stand up and be united as one.